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Our financial professionals develop achievable plans to help our clients meet their education savings goals. We create customized projections in order to recommend the funding methods and savings strategies best suited to enable our clients to finance their children's educations. Throughout the course of each plans implementation, we continuously monitor progress, correcting as necessary to support each of our clients every step of the way.

Blue Cove Capital has an extensive Estate Planning practice. When planning for estates, our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals with respect to the disposition of their assets with the least tax cost while minimizing the risk of potential claims of creditors. Our group coordinates and supervises the creation of estate planning strategies that can take advantage of tax-saving opportunities, avoid probate and ensure a seamless transition of their estate when they die. We are extremely sensitive to the many family and personal issues that arise in these matters and have earned the trust of our clients for our professionalism, discretion and knowledge. With our extensive professional network and our ability to effectively work with our clients' tax and legal professionals, we imbue our clients with the confidence that their plan will meet its stated objectives.

At Blue Cove Capital, we believe that sustainable long-term wealth preservation and growth is achieved by establishing a particularized financial plan. We take a holistic and comprehensive view of our clients' financial landscapes to understand each of their unique needs and circumstances. Our financial planning process begins by establishing a strong relationship, gathering information, and analyzing the data to develop and implement the optimal plans to meet each of our clients' goals.

Our financial professionals assess:

  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Income and Expenses
  • Lifestyle Goals
  • Savings Strategy
  • Lump Sum Needs
  • Education Needs
  • Business Interests
  • Investment Balance
  • Projected Returns
  • Risk Tolerance

Through our in-house expertise and our network of experienced legal, tax, and insurance professionals, we provide the guidance our clients need to achieve their financial goals.

Blue Cove Capital believes in custom investment strategies for every client. Whether a client's goal is saving for college, buying a home, securing retirement, mitigating tax liability, or general wealth accumulation, the relevant time frame associated with a particular objective will be a dispositive factor in determining an investment approach. An acute understanding of time horizon enables us to determine the appropriate level of risk and in turn the right financial instrument that best suits an individual's needs.

Through a comprehensive research process, we develop and implement a particular investment strategy by using a diverse array of investment vehicles, including, but not limited to, institutional money management, open-end mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds that adhere to our stringent investment criteria. Our open architecture platform allows for the selection of “best in class” options with no allegiance towards any specific fund manager.

Moreover, we do not have a myopic view towards the effectiveness of active versus passive management. Rather, we seek to maximize account growth and net return in various ways. For instance, in asset classes where managed funds have consistently underperformed their respective indices (net of fees), we turn to passive investment strategies via indexing. Additionally, we increase value for clients by thoroughly analyzing the tax consequences of specific investment strategies.

We take pride in our comprehensive investment approach that takes into consideration timeframe, tax consequences and fund management in order to net our client's more rather than focusing solely on gross rate of return.

At Blue Cove Capital we work with our clients to develop achievable retirement plans based on personalized forecasting and conservative expectations. We conduct thorough analyses of each client's retirement needs and concerns to create an appropriate accumulation, conservation and distribution strategy. By focusing on downside protection, hedging, tax mitigation and controlling costs, we develop approaches that are consistent with our clients' objectives. The final result is a comprehensive plan complete with optimal asset allocations and funding methodologies designed to maximize and secure retirement income.

A crucial aspect of well-rounded, secure financial planning is adequate protection of wealth through insurance. We safeguard the assets of our clients by insulating them from the financially detrimental effects of unanticipated events, such as death, disability, illness, or market fluctuations. We provide our clients with thoughtful, appropriate recommendations for the types of coverage necessitated by each of their unique financial considerations. These recommendations can include, but are not limited to:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Annuities

Life, disability income, and long-term care insurance serve to transfer financial risk from our clients to insurance policies should a tragedy occur. Similarly, annuities can be a powerful tool to guarantee some income in retirement, providing our clients with additional downside protection. Our dedicated financial professionals at Blue Cove Capital strive to protect the lifestyles, income, and wealth of clients and their families.

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